National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum

One of the greatest museums in the world with the richest collection of Greek artefacts from neolithic to classical times, spread out over some 8,000 square metres of exhibition space. You may need more than one visit to digest this extraordinary panorama of Greek civilisation and achievement.



  • Disabled people upon presentation of their ID card or passport and Disability Certificate are admitted free of charge. In case of 80% disability or more, one escort is also entitled to free entrance.
  • This site is included in the combined 3-day ticket valid for the National Archaeological Museum, the Epigraphic Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens.
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  • There are organized educational programs and services for groups of people with total or partial loss of vision (tactile thematic tours and workshops), with deafness and special educational needs, implemented by archaeologists of the National Archaeological Museum, depending on the demand of the interested persons in the context of special anniversaries.
  • People with total or partial loss of vision can request a list of 20 exhibits of the Sculpture Collection that can be accessed via museum information. The exhibits are as follows:
  1. Kouros torso
  2. Half-worked kouros statue
  3. Amphotto’s funerary stele
  4. Head of a youth
  5. Funerary stele
  6. Apollo head
  7. Lion statue
  8. Votive relief
  9. Votive stele
  10. Votive stele with snake
  11. Cylindrical relief altar
  12. Theatre mask
  13. Relief plaque from Rhegilles street
  14. Statuette of Ephesian Artemis
  15. Sarcophagus
  16. Table support
  17. Pan statuette
  18. Votive relief
  19. Votive relief
  20. Statuette of sleeping Eros