Church of Panagia Kapnikarea

Panagia Kapnikarea is one of the oldest Greek Orthodox churches in town (thought to date from 1052) and survived being firebombed by the Ottoman Empire in 1689. Its pole position in the middle of the city’s busiest commercial street makes it a popular meet-up spot for locals and visitors.

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➡️ This old church lies lower than the level of the pedestrian area. To approach it, you will have to go down the ramp on the right.

➡️ The ramp has a very good incline, it has no railing but a small wall instead and it isn’t slippery. It takes you to the small churchyard. 

➡️ The church itself is not accessible. The most approachable entrance for wheelchairs is the one diametrically opposite the ramp.

➡️ This entrance has a step of 15 cm to access the landing. Then you step down a step of 9 cm to navigate the landing. Finally, there is a step of 15 cm to descend to the interior of the temple.