Acropolis of Athens

Sacred Rock of the Acropolis

The ‘Sacred Rock’ of the Athenians is famed worldwide for its architectural masterpieces, including the Parthenon, a monument of startling simplicity and beauty; the Temple of Athena Nike; and the Erechtheion, a 420 BC temple dedicated to both Athena and Poseidon – beloved for its iconic row of Caryatids.



  • Disabled people upon presentation of their ID card or passport and Disability Certificate are admitted free of charge. In case of 67% disability or more, one escort is also entitled to free entrance.
  • This site is included in the combined 5-day ticket of Acropolis & Slopes, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, Olympieion, Kerameikos, Aristotle’s School with a cost of €30.
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Overall accessibility:

  • The ticket office and the information booth (Google Maps Pin) are located in a structure with an entrance step. There are guards who will find you and help you during the operating hours of the site.
  • There are adapted toilets next to the info booth.
  • At the left of the main entrance is the accessible entrance to the Rock, with the correspondent marking.
  • Since Theorias Street is a difficult road for wheelchair users, the accessible entrance can be reached by car, without nearby parking, though.

Accessibility according to their website:

  • The Acropolis of Athens, a naturally fortified rocky outcrop of 160-metres in height, acquired an elevator in 2004 due to the Olympics and the Paralympics of Athens. Visitors can access it via a special entrance on the “Peripatos” pathway. It is located 350 metres away from the entrance and is reached through a specially designed electric platform. It traverses a distance of roughly 25 metres and it ends up in the plateau of the Acropolis hill.
  • It is necessary to communicate via phone before the arrival (+30 210 321 4172, +30 210 923 8470). The service is not available during severe weather phenomena or intense winds.

Accessible entrance to the Sacred Rock