“Omonia” metro station – Line 1&2

“Omonia metro station” - Lines 1&2

Emblematic Omonia Square is not just a traffic thoroughfare but a social one too: it’s the nostalgic symbol of the modern city, where migrants from the provinces arrived, and football fans celebrate their team’s championship victory. This popular meet-up point has had many makeovers over the decades and its last redesign was May 2020 when its iconic fountain was restored.

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  • “Omonia” metro station has many exits with elevators. For this specific itinerary we use the “Panepistimiou” exit and its elevator.
  • Line 1 provides tactile pavings in its interior.
  • It is fully accessible and features elevators with voice output.
  • It is equipped with an adapted toilet, which can be opened upon request.