"Syntagma" metro station - Line 2 & 3

“Syntagma” metro station - Line 2&3

The Syntagma station of Athens Metro is located at Syntagma Square in the centre of Athens, Greece. It serves as the transfer point between Line 3 and Line 2. It is the busiest station in the Athens transport system, located underneath Syntagma Square, the busiest in Athens. It serves Ermou Street, a pedestrian street full of commercial activity and one of the priciest shopping areas in Europe. The station serves the Houses of Parliament and various government agencies, foreign embassies and the National Garden.

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  • “Syntagma” metro station has many exits, but the only one you can access with an elevator is the “Syntagma Square” exit.
  • It connects the blue line (line 3, “Airport-Nikaia”) with the red line (line 2, “Anthoupoli-Elliniko”).
  • Wheelchair boarding is possible from the first or last car of the train.
  • It is fully accessible.
  • It provides an accessible toilet, which you can ask them to open for you.