Panathenaic Stadium

Panathenaic Stadium (“Kallimarmaro”)

This remarkable all-marble stadium was first laid in 330 BC as a venue for ancient athletics and gladiatorial clashes. It was reworked to host the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and today, it’s the finishing line for the world-famous Athens Marathon.



  • General Admission ticket €5.
  • Free admission for disabled visitors and person accompanying them.
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The stadium is located in the background of an enormous square, which has 2 steps with portable steel ramps in the middle. At the entrance, there are 2 more steps with a portable steel ramp. We suggest that you approach the stadium from the left or the right side, where there are no steps, to avoid the ramps. At the sides, the square is flat and there are also gates to enter the stadium from the same level.


  • Because of the marble, the temperature in the Stadium during summer can be very high. The best hours to visit the Stadium during summer months are in the morning and late afternoon, when temperatures are milder.
  • On warm days, it is suggested that you bring along a bottle of water and sun protection.
  • The Panathenaic Stadium provides access for disabled visitors.
  • There are accessible toilets on the square, on the right side, for a fee.